(Interesting to see this piece in the Zimbabwe Herald. It appears that Zimbabwe’s government has woken up to the potential that tourism has for their faltering economy! And they recognize that tourism depends on peace and security for visitors to come…) Minister Walter Mzembi “Zim tourism in remarkable recovery, says Zimbabwe’s Tourism Minister, Walter Mzembi” […]

Report on tracking a lioness in Ol Kinyei Conservancy by Niels Mogensen, Chief Project Officer, Mara Lion Project An important tool in lion conservation GPS-satellite collars are a vital tool when it comes to monitoring and conserving predators like lions. Collaring adult female lions enables examination of how large the true pride home ranges are […]

A good move by the Kenya government – appointing a high-powered international PR company to help Kenya to rebuild its image in the crucial overseas markets and to attract inward investment. No doubt there will be howls of outrage from some locally who would have preferred a homegrown outfit to be given this assignment but […]


The Selenkay Conservancy is located within the community-owned Eselenkei Group Ranch which is 10 miles north of the boundary of Amboseli National Park.  The Selenkay Conservancy  was  first established nearly 20 years ago by Gamewatchers Safaris on 15,000 acres of land leased from the local Maasai community with the aim of protecting the wildlife habitat […]

These maps show how in recent years the outer Mara eco-system was fragmented into thousands of small plots of land owned by individual community members. Some of these were then combined to form protected habitat for wildlife by being set aside as Conservancies, starting with the Ol Kinyei Conservancy in 2004 and followed by Olare […]

This letter from author Romain Gary to an elephant was published in Life magazine nearly 50 years ago but is still relevant today, especially these lines: “…who knows, if we stop destroying elephants and save them from extinction, we may yet succeed in protecting our own species from our destructive enterprises as well.” Life Magazine […]